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By Anthony Seymour

Selecting a site at which to play online poker is an important decision, and it may take some time before you find the software you prefer.

There are just a few trustworthy software providers in the online gambling market, which regrettably has a fair number of low quality or outright dishonest sites.

We checked out PokerPlex – – which is managed by Bingo Entertainment and powered by Canadian software company Cryptologic. Poker Extra definitely approved of PokerPlex as a trustworthy game that provides a good variety of tables.

PokerPlex’s software is downloadable, which means better graphics, and convenience because once it’s downloaded it’s always available on your PC and saves you time as you don’t have to go on the Internet, find the URL etc.

To get used to the software, you can choose to play at a free table before playing for real money, and there are single table tournaments available on a frequent basis.

Why play online poker?

1. You don’t need a poker face and nobody knows who you are!
2. Playing online from the comfort of your own home means you are in total control of your environment and can concentrate on the game as well as dressing how you want.
3. Men and women are equal online.
4. Smoking or non-smoking – it’s up to you.
5. Bluffing online is more effective as your opponents can’t see your face.
6. Online games have a lower rake than land-based casinos.
7. Human error is minimized by sophisticated software.
8. You can play any time of day or night.
9. There’s a greater range of limits and tournaments.
10. You can play simultaneously on two or more tables.

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